Does the humidity affect your hair?

Hair ForecastTM takes the weather forecasts for over 1000 U.S. cities and translates them to a simple index from 1 to 10 for hair. Hair Forecast considers humidity, wind, rain chance, and temperature. It thinks about how all these will affect your hair so you don't have to.

A Hair Forecast that's a "10" means a great hair day. Curl your hair if you are naturally straight or straighten your hair if you are naturally curly, and expect it to stay that way! If you suffer from frizzy hair, expect little or no frizz on a "10" day. A "1" means a bad hair day. Make it a pony tail day, wear a hat, or use your favorite anti-frizz product. The bottom line is, save yourself some time and get your Hair Forecast before you touch your hair brush.

Going on a trip? Check the Hair Forecast of the city you are traveling to see what your hair will be like at your destination.

I got the idea for Hair Forecast when majoring in Meteorology in college. I was dating a naturally curly haired girl who later became my wife. She used to phone me in the morning and ask me for a forecast to know whether to straighten her hair that day. It occured to me that many women would probably like to have the luxury of a weather geek to interpret the weather in terms of their hair.

I ended up graduating as a computer geek instead of a weather geek and worked for several companies developing and promoting web presence. Those years in Meteorology classes, my years in web develepment, and living with a curly haired wife and daughters, has all come together to bring you Hair Forecast. Now you have another tool to use along side your curling iron and brush.

So, use daily, tell your friends, then repeat!

Jeremy Walworth
Founder -

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